Advanced photography course

Within the economic empowerment programs for women and youth, which aim to improve livelihoods and empower them economically, PROGRESS, in partnership with the Awam Cultural Development Foundation, implemented two training courses on photography, which aimed to provide participants with advanced knowledge and skills in photography during the period 1-16 December 2019 in Sana’a, The project targeted unemployed women and youth, benefiting 20 female and 20 male trainees. The course included practical training, in which the participants coordinated with civil society organizations to document the activities implemented within the 16 Days Campaign to Combat Violence against Women. The project sought to highlight the skills of the beneficiaries of training in the civil society organizations sector and the private sector to employ them and benefit from their skills, in addition to coordinating them with microfinance institutions to finance the beneficiaries wishing to establish and implement their income-generating investment projects.