Urgent distress call as a result of the disaster of torrential torrents and rockfall

More than 6000 people run the risk of losing their lives due to the disaster of floods and rock fall in Raymah governorate.

While Yemen is still experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, many villages and areas in the districts of Al-Jabain and Al-Ja`faria in the governorate of Raymah were subjected to torrential rains that caused the collapse of working-class homes and neighborhoods and the outpouring of torrents, landslides and rock fall, resulting in grave human loss and material damage.

Progress Organization for Development monitored the preliminary statistics of human and material damage in the affected areas. The preliminary statistics indicates that the number of deaths rose to 29, more than 15 people were injured, two people were missing, and more than 300 people were forced to flee their homes to escape death.

It is estimated that more than 6000 people are still trapped, running the risk of losing their lives in the area of Badj and Bani Khattab in the Al-Jeben district and the area of Bani Ahmed in the Al-Jaafariya district – Raymah governorate, due to the catastrophe of heavy rains, mud torrents and rock fall. The catastrophe resulted in:

  1. Total disruption of car roads connecting the affected areas to the market and other areas. The roads were either washed away by mud torrents or buried by rocks.
  2. Most of the pedestrian and donkey roads, linking the affected villages and areas, on which people relied to transport food and luggage, were also completely blocked. The high mountainous roads and steep slopes exacerbate the humanitarian situation in the distressed areas.
  3. Day by day, the suffering of local populations and communities is escalating to the worse. The local markets in the affected areas are very fragile and the food stocks there are completely depleted. Today, the affected areas are food insecure as the food supplies are very scare such that the price of a bag of flour, if at all available, soared to 30 thousand Yemeni Riyals (~ 50 USD).

As a result of the disaster, several houses collapsed on the heads of their human and livestock occupants. More than 20 houses were completely destroyed by the rains, and more than 350 houses were severely damaged. Even worse, about 50% of the agricultural terraces, on which the populations relied for agriculture, were either swept away by torrents or buried by landslides and rock fall. More than 30 sources of drinking water were buried. More than 70 reservoirs or water containments, mostly used by humans, were destroyed or severely damaged. It is estimated that more than 1500 people live in a state of panic, fearing that their homes get affected by heavy torrents, rockslides, or even collapse on their heads.

Progress Organization for Development appeals to the government, United Nations agencies, international and local humanitarian organizations, charities and benevolent people to urgently take action, relieve the afflicted and save the isolated and besieged victims from death. They are in dire need of food, water, shelter services, non-food items, primary health services and protection, and they desperately need to open car roads and repair pedestrian and donkey roads.

Issued by: Progress Organization for Development

Sana’a, August 11

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