The Campaign of: Raising awareness of the importance of hygiene

Within the project launching the year of hygiene and development 2019, Progress for Development and Rafeh Organization for the Development of Child Rights implemented a health and environmental awareness campaign in the neighborhoods surrounding the headquarters of the two organizations, including the district schools, shops, residents and pedestrians, by educating the volunteering team and then placing the awareness posters that The campaign messages are carried on the walls of homes, streets, and gates of shops, in addition to distributing invitation cards for homes, shops, pedestrians and school students to invite them to participate in the campaign and make them aware of the need to participate and the importance of preserving the environment. On the day of the campaign’s implementation, the campaign’s volunteers participated in educating students in surrounding schools about the importance of hygiene and participating in it. A competition was held with simple symbolic prizes for students aimed at enhancing their hygiene values. Direct awareness raising (interviews) for neighborhood residents, school students and shopkeepers, from which at least 350 people benefited.